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The Jerrys Farm is providing healthy sustinence to our customers through our fresh produce and high-quality, hormone-free, pasture-raised beef, chicken & pork. See what our customers have to say . . .
  • Thank you for thinking of us., December 12, 2016
    Reviewer: Heather from Greenup, Kentucky
    Unfortunately we won't be able to participate this year. I am forwarding your order details on to family though and also sharing with some friends who like to buy off local farms. Everything we've bought from you all has always been fantastic! Blessings.
  • Pork Sausage was incredible, May 20, 2015
    Reviewer: Kathy from Alabama
    I made sausage gravy this weekend and my family loved it!!!! Wished I had some more of those eggs this morning. Thank you so much for doing what you do.
  • I knew before I chewed, November 4, 2014
    Reviewer: Lori from Owingsville, Kentucky
    We had our first Jerry’s Farm chicken about a month ago, it was a whopping 5.3 pounder. We grilled the chicken after a simple salt brine soaking. I was checking a few things on the computer while my husband sliced up the breast.

    He brought a piece over for me to taste. As soon as the meat landed on my tongue, I just quit typing. I didn’t even have to chew to realize what a monstrous improvement this bird was over anything you can get at the store.

    It’s funny, but the first thing I thought of was “Oh man, this is what a real chicken tastes like!”. In just a few days, my husband went back to Jerry’s Farm and purchased another 8 chickens. Until we decide to grow our own, our freezer will only have Jerry’s Farm chickens in it.
  • Eggs, October 8, 2013
    Reviewer: Ryan from Illinois
    We have completed our move back to Chicago. I wish we could still get your farm eggs. That was one of the nicest things about living in Lexington. Thanks!
  • Yummy & Nourishing, September 2, 2012
    Reviewer: Mary from Berea, Kentucky
    Hey there! Just wanted to say thanks again for letting us come out to the farm...we enjoyed meeting you and all of the animals! I was sooooo excited to come home and cook some of the sample beef so we made hamburgers tonight...first of all, the meat was the most beautiful color before we even grilled the burgers...so pink and vibrant.....then the burger itself.....yummy! Steven said it was the best he has eaten.

    We have some sausage thawing for the morning....can't wait to try everything else...we are so excited to have found such an amazing source for meat...just knowing you take such good care of the animals that will provide nourishment for us is such a great feeling. Thanks again for everything!

  • So pleased with beef and chicken, July 19, 2011
    Reviewer: Jill from Richmond, Kentucky
    Fall 2010 was our first purchase from The Jerry's Farm. We got a half beef and a couple of chickens. This is mid-summer 2011 and we have loved every cut of beef we've eaten so far. The chickens were great -- wish I had gotten more.

    My husband loves beef liver and onions, but I've never been a fan, but we took the liver and I promised to cook it. OMG - this beef liver sauteed in butter with sweet onions was the best. I'm a beef liver lover now. Wish that a beef had more livers.   :-)   I'll be back.

  • First burger in 10 YEARS!!!, April 4, 2011
    Reviewer: Emily from North Carolina
    I just had a hamburger for the first time in about 10 years! Why haven't I eaten a burger in 10 years you ask? Because usually I can not digest 'regular' bought from the store hamburger meat. It causes a lot of pain and causes me to be really sick. So I was a little hesitant to eat this burger at all. But I figured I would try some of this organic beef to see if it made any difference....and IT WAS WONDERFUL!

    It is now the next day. No pain, no sickness! Not sure whether it's because it is so lean....or because it is organic! Whatever the reason I LOVE THESE BURGERS! Oh...and my husband was thrilled to have hamburgers cooked in our house for supper for the first time! Thanks Jerrys! You guys are good at what you do!

  • Hell of a good meal!, October 24, 2009
    Reviewer: Emily from Ohio
    We have a farm that joins the Jerry's, and when we visit, let me tell you, they give us some good meat and eggs. I have never had beef that tasted as good as this, it is so mouth watering!! Maybe its just the person cooking -- just kidding! I would most certainly refer any of their products for purchasing. I give them a 100%.
  • Where's the fat?, August 8, 2009
    Reviewer: Cas from North Carolina
    Look guys, I've been a beef eater all my life and I'm over 35 now so I know a thing or two about the fat content in beef. Your beef is sorely lacking in fat content. My drain jars for fat are gathering dust and worst of all I'm stuck with an oversupply of Draino and Liquid Plumber that I never get to use anymore. I'm also concerned about my weight loss. If I continue to eat your beef, I'll have to buy smaller clothes! It seems that you are at fault and should therefor compensate me for this expense caused by the low fat content of your beef.
  • Ready for more!, October 6, 2008
    Reviewer: Rachael from Ohio
    I went to elementary school with Jerry Hicks and was THRILLED to learn he was running what will be an organic farm near enough to where I now live in Ohio! We bought 1/2 beef and have been extremely satisfied with the meat and excellent customer service. I also will buy more chickens next time. I already have someone here waiting to split a full order.
  • Half a Beef, August 1, 2008
    Reviewer: Jeff from Lexington, Kentucky
    I am very pleased with my purchase from the Jerrys Farm. I especially enjoy the flavor and aroma of the hamburger. I am confident the meat on my table is not full of chemicals unlike meat from a grocery chain. And the service ROCKS!
  • Tender, Juicy, and Delicious, July 9, 2008
    Reviewer: Tom from Winchester, Kentucky
    There is nothing better than a fresh roasted chicken dinner on a cold winter day, and I know of no finer broilers than the ones I bought from the Jerrys Farm. It is extremely comforting to be able to buy fantastic quality food from a local source.
  • Quality Matters, May 15, 2008
    Reviewer: Scott from Morehead, Kentucky
    If you don't KNOW the producer... how do you KNOW it's a quality product? After reading "The Ominvores Dilemma" by Michael Pollon, I have stopped getting meat from the 'usual' commercial sources. Anyone who really cares about themselves and the environment should read this book and take appropriate action. We now have viable alternatives in our locality for obtaining locally produced, superior quality farm products.

    I have had a close relationship with the "the Jerrys Farm" since its inception and can testify that they are truly committed to the principles and practice of LIHQ (low impact - high quality) production. It has been amazing to see the results as they have turned a run-down old farm into a thriving eco-system that is actually improving with use rather than being sucked dry. We must support this type of agriculture in our localities by purchasing their products. The real benefactor will be YOU!

  • Beef, April 4, 2008
    Reviewer: Sam from Harrodsburg, Kentucky
    Dang if that wasn't the best BEEF I ever had! It blows Laura's Lean away. I will be back for more!
  • Finest Beef Around!, March 26, 2008
    Reviewer: Michael from Lexington, Kentucky
    I purchased a half beef from "the Jerrys Farm" and was extremely pleased with the steaks, roasts and hamburger. I personally like New York Strip steaks and I have to say that theirs were the best I've ever had.

    I've known the Jerrys since before they bought their farm. I've seen the hard work and dedication they've put into making sure their beef is great tasting and free of hormones, antibiotics and steroids.

    It just makes perfect sense to buy from "the Jerrys Farm" when you keep hearing of the hidden dangers lurking in the products that are being sold at the local grocery. Give "the Jerrys Farm" a try ... you won't be dissappointed!
  • Thanks for letting us in on the order., February 17, 2008
    Reviewer: Marj from West Virginia
    I've been crazy busy the past month but that is no excuse for not taking the time to let you know the beef is outstanding. We've tried several cuts and have enjoyed everything we've tried. The chicken is outstanding as well. Take good care.