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From our table to yours . . . you eat what we feed ourselves!
Actually, our customers probably eat a bit better because we “buy back” the cull vegetables for home use (similar to the shoeless cobbler’s kids I suppose).
    All produce is:
  • Grown naturally, healthy, and strong in a fertile, vibrant, organically rich soil.
  • Hand cultivated i.e. weeded without poisonous sprays or other industrial crutches.
  • Wholesome – we grow many heirloom varieties selected for taste and quality.
Let us know what YOU would like and we will work to fit it in!

cultivating fresh produce garden
We pride ourselves on clean, nourishing, tasty produce. The supermarkets prove the adage beauty is only skin deep every day with their genetically modified or modern super hybrids. They look amazing and often taste like cardboard. Some of our vegetables may not be much to look at but your taste buds will pop out of your head in delight.

pawpaw A new crop was discovered on the farm this year that may show some potential for next year. We have several groves of paw-paws growing on the farm, and after waiting the last couple of years to get to try one, it was worth the wait! The ones we have tried thus far taste sort of like a cross between a banana and a mango. They are very sweet and quite large.   >> more about paw paws

Honey is available in squeeze bottles. Our resident hive has done well in recent years despite the droughts. Bees are a natural addition to our farm to aid in pollinating our garden, hay fields and wood lot. They capitalize on blooms that would only be seen for their appearance sake, converting them into honey and wax. The wax is a natural by-product that may be used to make candles, preserve leather goods, polish wood, and much more.