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More information on pasture-raised meat:
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One of our main aims at the Jerrys Farm is to produce premium meat with real taste - a rare quality for modern meat!

Orders are taken any time of the year, but cattle and hogs are only processed in late fall or early winter depending on weather. They will be assigned on a first-come basis and ready for pickup two weeks after processing. Give us a call or drop us a line and we will get the ball rolling for you. You will receive a custom order form and additional details about the ordering process.

Pasture Made Meat: A wholly different concept!

  • Healthier for the animals
  • Healthier for the environment
  • Healthier for the consumer


All of the Jerrys Farm beef is sold direct to the consumer. It is dry-aged 1-2 weeks, cut to suit, and hard-frozen. You may order a whole or half. Halves may be split with a neighbor or friend and packaged accordingly.

Our cattle are raised on rich, organically managed grass and clover pastures. We lead our animals to fresh pasture every day; their only supplement is a certified organic kelp mineral mix. We never feed ANY animal by-products, grain, hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.

Our natural and humane method of raising these ruminant animals produces beef that is:

  • LOW in overall fat, calories, LDL cholesterol, and E-coli risk
  • HIGH in omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, and vitamin A and E

Finishing beef on pasture with rotational grazing improves soil quality, stimulates grass and clover growth, assists in pest control, protects water resources, draws carbon dioxide from the air, and conserves energy.


We have USDA inspected whole roasting and broiling chicken. These chickens are raised in pens which are moved daily across our pastures. The pens have no bottoms and allow the chicks to make good use of the weed seeds and insects they encounter. In addition to being a farm product, they allow us to farm without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides converting harmful pests to a delicious family meal.

USDA_Inspected_Whole_Chicken As with grass finished beef, our chickens are higher in the omega 3 fatty acids and lower in cholesterol. While it is not possible for a chicken to get all of its required nutrients from the pasture, we have seen at least a 50% reduction in grain consumption. By feeding locally purchased grains we cannot offer these chickens as organic but we can guarantee them to be humanely raised and antibiotic, steroid and hormone free. They receive the same organic kelp mineral supplement as our cattle.

Broiler Chick As young chicks, they receive a free-choice offering of alfalfa leaves as a protein supplement. The alfalfa is collected from under the feed troughs in the draft horses' barn stall, where it has settled after filtering out of their feed. The chickens are then raised out on pasture in movable pens, where they have access to an all natural diet, while helping to make the pasture healthier for our cattle. They are processed for us by SS Enterprise in Bowling Green, Kentucky which is the only USDA poultry processing plant in the state which will work with small farmers.

These USDA inspected broilers are available as long as supplies last and can be reserved in advance by contacting us at the farm.


Our all natural pasture-raised pork is quickly becoming a favorite of our customers. The pigs live out on pasture for their entire stay here. They are moved to fresh pasture regularly so they stay clean and healthy. By feeding locally purchased grains and farm-raised dairy products we cannot offer these hogs as organic but we can guarantee them to be humanely raised. In fact, the pigs receive no antibiotics, hormones, steroids or artificial supplements over their lifetime.

Pig on Pasture Raising animals on pasture adds real value to the meat. A pastured pig is always on fresh grass doing what nature intended them to do; root, dig, and run. This definitely improves the texture and healthy properties of the meat while providing a humane quality of life. In a factory concentration barn, pigs are crowded into small pens and force fed artificial vitamins and drugs. A pasture raised hog can root and dig to find its own minerals in just the right amounts.

By ordering bulk, you can have the meat processed how you like and save money at the same time. The price includes cut/processing/vacuum seal/freeze. Hogs should average 150-250 lbs hanging weight and yield about 120-160lbs of packaged meat.

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